Providing Support for Community-Based Organizations

Coloradans turn to trusted community-based organizations when they need help with health coverage. That is why we support a state-wide network of community-based organizations. One of our key activities is connecting community-based organizations with the information they need to help Coloradans apply for, enroll in, and retain health coverage.


Bridging Community-Based Organizations & State Agencies

Community-based organizations help connect their community members to the services their clients need. They are some of the first to notice when a policy or system is working well, or if an issue is emerging that needs improvement. Covering Kids and Families gathers the experiences of community-based organizations and brings those experiences to the agencies that manage Colorado’s health coverage programs. Through stronger communication, we improve the Coloradans’ health coverage experience.


Advocating Policy & System Improvements

Pairing the experience of the Covering Kids and Families network of community-based organizations with the policy expertise of the Covering Kids and Families staff, we advocate for solution-oriented policy and systems improvements. Our advocacy centers around removing barriers that keep Coloradans from applying, getting an accurate eligibility determination, enrolling in a program that they are eligible for, or keeping the coverage they are still eligible for. Covering Kids and Families focuses on state-level regulatory policies and Colorado’s health coverage eligibility and enrollment technology systems.