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Colorado's Health Insurance Affordability Programs: Goals to Prioritize and Options to Consider to Create a More Direct Pathway to Health Coverage

Published: September 2016

CKF’s new report, Colorado’s Health Insurance Affordability Programs: Goals to Prioritize and Options to Consider to Create a More Direct Pathway to Health Coverage, is the first in Colorado to document and examine the eligibility and enrollment process in health insurance affordability programs since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The report includes a visual representation and explanation of how individuals and families enroll, and stay enrolled, in health insurance affordability programs and highlights various legislative, regulatory, and administrative reforms that decision makers should consider to further simplify, streamline, and coordinate the eligibility and enrollment process, and health coverage programs. Links to the full report, and supporting documents are listed below.

Report documents:
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The Maze Reports and Updates

Since 2009, CKF has published reports that examine Colorado’s affordable health insurance eligibility and enrollment policies and systems. These reports describe the barriers that Coloradans experience enrolling in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), and include recommendations to simplify and improve access. The reports are listed below, with the most recent report at the top.

Colorado’s Progress Toward a Simplified Medicaid and CHP+ Enrollment System: 2014 Update

Published: November 2014

This report describes 11 state-based policy and rule changes that have impacted Medicaid and CHP+ enrollment and benefits between June 2012 and June 2014. The policies described within the report are specifically state-based and separate from those required or allowed by the Affordable Care Act. Also included in the report are CKF’s priorities for the next year, and the status of CKF’s original 20 recommendations in the first Maze report. With the 11 policy changes described in this report, all 20 of CKF’s original recommendations are either in progress or implemented.

Colorado’s Maze to Enrollment in Medicaid and CHP+: Progress Made and Opportunities for Improvement

Published: June 2012

This report focuses on priorities to improve Colorado’s eligibility and enrollment system and eliminate barriers that keep so many eligible kids and families uninsured. Based on insight from parents and professionals who routinely navigate the maze of barriers to coverage, CKF highlights significant improvements that Colorado has already made and nine opportunities to simplify and improve access to Medicaid and CHP+.

The Maze: One Year Later

Published: July 2010

This report provides a snapshot in time of the progress made on the specific recommendations from the original report. It also revisits opportunities that remain to improve the system and offers ways for concerned Coloradans to become part of the effort to eliminate the barriers that keep so many Colorado kids and families uninsured. The update is an interactive document that allows the reader to hone in on areas of interest by clicking on specific recommendations or opportunities to get involved.

ORIGINAL REPORT – The Maze: The Barriers that Keep Colorado’s Eligible Children and Families Out of Medicaid and CHP+ and Recommendations to Create a Direct Path to Enrollment 

Published: April 2009

CKF’s original Maze report was released  in April 2009. The report examines the maze uninsured kids and families must navigate to enroll in Medicaid and CHP+. Using valuable insight from coalition members, CKF described the numerous barriers applicants face and options for reform. The report also provides twenty recommendations, based on a review of administrative and policy options and best practices, to guide Colorado’s decision-makers as they work to simplify the path to Medicaid and CHP+ coverage.

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