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  • CKF: Innovative School-Based Outreach and Enrollment Tactics for Medicaid and CHP+ – Fall 2009
    CKF produced a brief highlighting the outreach and enrollment work done by three school-based pilot projects that make it easier for families to enroll their children into Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) through schools. These three pilot sites find low-income, uninsured children by sharing necessary information as families apply for free- or reduced-price lunches and are able to determine eligibility for Medicaid and CHP+ on site.


  • CKF: A Case Management Approach to Medicaid and CHP+ Enrollment Report – August 2008 
    CKF staff and coalition members developed recommendations regarding the additional $1.4 million in the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing’s budget dedicated to Medicaid and CHP+ outreach. The report outlines an approach that supports families and the sites that assist them with Medicaid and CHP+ enrollment. This report is based on a comprehensive definition of outreach that includes informing families about the programs, providing application assistance, promoting access to care, and ensuring renewal. In addition, the report makes the case that sites need adequate training and financial support in order to provide enrollment assistance.

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