For Community Health Centers

Since 2013, the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) has provided over $3.1 million to support outreach and enrollment (O&E) work at Colorado’s federally qualified Community Health Centers (CHCs).

The Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN), Colorado’s primary care association for CHCs and the lead agency for CKF, also received funding from BPHC to support CHC O&E efforts.  CCHN is leveraging the expertise and activities its CKF project to provide technical assistance and support to CHC O&E staff in their efforts to enroll uninsured patients and community members into health coverage.

To learn more about CHCs, visit, and to find a CHC near you, click here.

This page includes resources and information specific to CHCs and their O&E efforts. For more information about CKF’s CHC O&E work, please contact CKF’s O&E Coordinator, Liz Tansey (

Federal Funding Information

  • BPHC O&E Technical Assistance-important information on O&E program requirements for grantees, quarterly progress reporting, and resources are available on BPHC’s O&E technical assistance page.
  • BPHC Primary Health Care Digest- To receive O&E updates and resources from BPHC sign up for the Primary Health Care Digest here.

UDS Mapper

The UDS Mapper is a mapping system that helps analyze the geographic extent of CHC population indicators. The UDS Uninsurance Explorer tool is an excellent resource for CHC O&E staff.

CHCs and Outreach

 Tracking Progress

CHC O&E Showcase Toolkit

CHC Specific Training Resources