Key Advocacy Activities

CKF pairs staff policy expertise with community-based organization experiences to collaborate on solutions-oriented state advocacy

State Level

Monitor and comment on state-level regulations

We track state rule
changes that impact eligibility and enrollment in Health First Colorado and CHP+, and work with the state to improve the rule text
when needed.

Key Advocacy Activities


Monitor and analyze Health First Colorado and CHP+ enrollment trends

CKF publishes
a quarterly analysis of enrollment trends based on the state’s monthly caseload reports to monitor the impacts of policy and
systems changes
on caseload.


Advocate for enhancements to Colorado’s eligibility and enrollment technology systems

We bring ideas
from CKF members
to improve the client experience of PEAK, CBMS, and other technology systems Coloradans use to
enroll in
health coverage.


Propose regulatory updates to remove eligibility and enrollment barriers

CKF advocates to
improve access to Health First Colorado, CHP+, and marketplace programs by removing unnecessary barriers to enrollment codified in rule.


Lead and participate in projects with other advocates

Staff actively co-lead several projects including the All Kids Covered initiative, and participate in many projects led by other advocates to increase the reach of CKF’s impact.


Attend stakeholder meetings to represent community-based organizations

CKF attends and participates in meetings with state agencies and other organizations to advocate for and represent community-based assisters and the Coloradans
they serve.

Current Priorities

Our high-level priorities in 2019 include

  • Monitoring and influencing changes to eligibility technology systems
  • Finding solutions to enrollment barriers for eligible immigrant families
  • Advocating for improved noticing to consumers
  • Analyzing children’s enrollment fluctuations to discover potential issues
  • Working with other advocacy partners to defend the coverage gains Coloradans have benefited from since implementation of the ACA

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